Getting Down To Basics with

Getting to Accept Myself

For 21 years, was not able to go for a drive through but in addition to that, going through a masters project was also very difficult because I could not make the presentation because something was hindering me. this is something that I was supposed to do in front of my classmates and their advisors on the academic matters. I was also required to bring family members and friends on the day that I was making the presentation so that they could sit in and listen to the speech. However, this is very difficult and because of that, I asked all my friends and my family to stay at home but I invited speech therapist that had been working with. In order for me to be able to speak fluently, the speech therapist brought some lip balm that was kept in her purse. In addition to that, she also ensure that she went through the different notecards that I had for the presentation before in the lobby. The main reason why all this had to be done is because either condition that brought some speech impediment and because of that, I stutter.

The speech impediment was a problem that I inherited from my dad who had also developed because of being shuffled between many different dads especially during the adolescent years. At the beginning, the speech impediment was not a problem for me especially because I did not see a major problem with it but after seven years, I was enrolled in some speech therapy classes. Leaving the class really was something that I did and I only had to make a lot of excuses to give to my friends. The problem with this strategy is that it only works until when you start repeating yourself and therefore, you cannot cover yourself any more. Most of the peoples in elementary school never think a lot about people’s behaviors and therefore, they were very quick to forgive and move on. Giving them another lie that I was going for advanced classes did not cause any problem especially because they thought the best of me at all times.

In middle school, some of the students started asking questions and because of that, it made me so uncomfortable since I’m introverted and for this reason, I found myself crying quite a lot because of the different questions they asked. During my seventh grade, I actually had a very nasty encounter with a kid known as Jason.

Even after getting my first job, this became a major problem and it is something that has always stuck with me all through and it is bringing my self-esteem down.